provide users with short and cool Email addresses with Email forwarding service (What is Email forwarding service).

Advantages of Email forwarding

Short, cool and easy to remember Email address

For example, Tim’s Email address can be just [email protected]. This Email address with only 8 characters in total is short and easy to remember. This is extremely convenient if you need to tell the others your Email address by SMS or on the phone.

No need to change Email address after changing ISP or Email provider

For example, Tim decides to not use his Gmail account anymore and changes to use the Email account provided by his ISP. Tim just needs to change the forwarding address of his Email address to the new Email address from his ISP. Tim’s friends can contact Tim as usual by using his Email address.

No need to change Email address after unexpected incident

For example, incidents like Gmail being blocked or Yahoo Hong Kong Email stops service will affect users little. Users only need to change the forwarding address to their new ones. All the addresses in the websites registered account with can be kept the same.

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